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The Design Process

Learn how easy it is to launch a new Connecting Members Website for your parish. Connecting Members provides everything you need to design, build and maintain a beautiful website for your parish and engage with members like never before.

  • We Create the Design
  • Design Library
  • You Customize
  • Resource Library
  • Our Guarantee


Managing The Website

We understand that creating a new design is the easy part. Maintaining the website over time is the tough part. Learn how easy it is to edit the site, add news and events and set expiration dates on content.

  • News Manager
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Content Expiration Feature
  • Home Page Displays


Automated Newsletters

Studies show that only 25% of your members show up on Sunday. Our exclusive automated newsletter feature helps you reach the 75% that don't.

  • Reach Inactive Members
  • No Work on Your Part
  • Email the Bulletin Weekly
  • Better Communication Guaranteed


After the Site Goes Live

We understand that when the new site goes live it's just the beginning of the journey. The real test is if the site can stand the test of time. Learn how we help you keep the website looking great long after it goes live.

  • Advanced Permissions
  • Built with a Purpose
  • A Place for Everything
  • Chat Support
  • Content Editing Service