Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Connecting Members was created by Dave Gambino, your typical church-going guy who has fun playing golf, skiing, staying active at church and hanging out with family and friends.

After spending most of his 30-year career online in the tech sector, it wasn’t long before he noticed how poorly many church and organizational websites were managed. After digging deeper, these sites all seemed to have one thing in common; the person who originally built the site was no longer able to help and there wasn’t a solid game plan for maintaining the website over time. 

In 2005, Connecting Members was born.

Connecting Members has been faithfully serving churches, schools, associations, and organizations ever since, giving them a simple, easy-to-use website with the support of a Connecting Members staffer. 

In 2020, Connecting Members took an exciting step and joined forces with Engage Software who specializes in enterprise web development on the same tech stack as Connecting Members.  Connecting Members is now part of a suite of online software products for managing association members, events, sports leagues, athletic teams and players.

Engage has been building great software and websites since 1999 on DNN. Engage is consistently recognized as one of the top web development and custom software firms in the Midwest, and one of the top DNN CMS firms in the world. 

With Connecting Members and Engage backing your project, you can feel confident you’re in good hands.

Engage Suite of Software Products & Services

Engage AMS: association and member management software, which also includes event management and registration, fundraising, and more

Engage Sports: sports management software for sports leagues, clubs, organizations, teams, or events.

FaithEnroll: online enrollment and management for religious education

Connecting Members: church and small businesses websites supported by a Connecting Members team to ensure the site is always maintained even during employee/volunteer transitions 

Engage Digital Services: full suite of web development and marketing services for businesses of all sizes

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