Features that Guarantee Success!

Connecting Members provides more than just a website.  We deliver powerful communication to your members! 

When your church or school needs to get the word out, you'll have a dependable tool to deliver the message.  With advanced permission settings built into every website, you'll have the flexibility to create unique pages specific to your needs. You can even build out special pages for groups to manage themselves.

Getting Started Features

Beautiful Themes

Our Theme Library provides a great starting point for your website. We've designed beautiful themes with the most requested features.

Designed By Us

Our Designers fine-tune your design, NOT YOU! Stop wasting time getting frustrated trying to layout the perfect home page. Let the pros handle the tedius work.

Training and Support

Dedicated support reps are available to handle your call when you need help. Plus the online Knowledgebase is built directly into your website.

Easy Editing Features

Drag 'n Drop

Need to add more content to a page or rearrange what's there? It's as simple and dragging the content around until you like where it is at. It's that easy to change the layout.

Simple Text Editor

The text editor is loaded with special features that make building a web page easy. It even has a safe undo function so you can revert back to the last five versions.

Image Crop Tool

Your home page image slides will look great with the Image Crop tool. Crop and resize any image to the exact pixels and reduce the file size without losing quality.

Page Building Features

News Manager

Organize your news and manage announcements with ease. And don't forget... all of this news is included in the Automated Newsletter and pushed out to the Mobile App. It's pretty awesome!

Events Calendar

Events added to the calendar are displayed on the home page and automatically populated in the Email Newsletter delivered to memebers.

Group Directory

The group directory provides an easy way to keep your committees or groups organized on the website. The directory is searchable and can also be organized into categories.

Facebook Feed

The Facebook module makes it easy to embed your Facebook feed on to your web page. Just copy and paste the link to your Facebook page.

Twitter Feed

Add a Twitter feed directly to a page by dragging a module into place and then copying the URL from your Twitter feed. It's that easy.

Slide Show Rotator

The Slide Show lets you up upload, zoom and crop any photo for the perfect home page rotator. Slides even have expiration dates.

Staff Directory

The staff directory is an easy way to organize contacts on your website. The image uploader feature even reduces, centers and resizes photos.

Form Builder

Create forms in minutes with our drag and drop interface. Export data, send approval emails and more. Great for special events!

Photo Gallery

Organize photos into albums with your favorite images. Advanced features include bulk Upload, setting image size, albums and thumbnails.