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Advanced User Permissions

Advanced User Permissions

It's easy to let others help.

This is critical to the long term success of the website.

With detailed page and editing permissions it’s easy to grant access to others who can help maintain the site.  Give permission to uses to edit ONLY a single page, a single area, or even upload just a single document.

Combine these user permissions with our Community Pages and your groups will come alive with their own bulletin board page to engage their members.

A million ways to manage your site.

Now you can be very specific on how you keep your website up-to-date.

  • Give each teacher permission to manage their own page.
  • Give each ministry leader the ability to update their group's area.
  • Give the bulletin editor permission to upload the bulletin.
  • Give the secretary permission to add events to the calendar.
  • Give a volunteer permission to upload photos.
  • And anything else you can think of.

Let editors do what they do best.

This means your website can have many editors each doing a small part.

Church websites are differnent than school websites. And school websites are different than small business websites. You need specific control of each area in order to keep the site updated with current news and events. With our web design service you have the ability to carve up selected roles for volunteers and staff to do what they do best.

Shared Website Editing

School Website Design Changes

Many Can Help

Website Design User Permissions

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