Make it Easy with a Lent Special Events Page

Make it Easy with a Lent Special Events Page

Lent GuidelinesLent is Crazy Busy

Lent is probably the busiest time of the Church calendar year culminating with the Super Bowl of Sundays for the Church - Easter!

During these 6 weeks your managing hundreds of new events and announcements:

  • Ash Wednesday
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Parish Missions
  • Additional Sacrament Times
  • Rice Bowl Collections
  • Mini-Retreats
  • Lenten Soup Suppers
  • Fish Frys
  • RCIA programs
  • Sacred Triduum
  • the list goes on ...

And these events are in addition to the regular weekly events on the church calendar. 

If you are overwhelmed just looking at this list, imagine being a church member or family wondering how they are going to remember all of these dates and schedules.

Keep it Easy for Them to Remember

This is where you need to make it easy for them and build a special events page to hold everything in one place.  Call it "Lent 2019".

Give your viewers ONE page for everything LENT.

Here is one example of a parish making the most of their website.

All Saints

This page was built using a few simple modules:

  • Text/Html Module
  • Links Module
  • Catholic Daily Readings Module
  • Email Signup Module

Now members have a single resource they can use all season long.

Need help creating your Lent 2019 page? We can help. 

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